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The journey

Let us lead you on an extraordinary journey into the culture of taste, transporting you across our Italy from one of our two restaurants, Asumari and Asarena. Both are inspired by our country’s culinary brilliance, which combines a passion for subtle flavours, a commitment to pure ingredients and local produce, the simplicity of old traditions and the discovery of new recipes.


With the scents of the sea nearby wafting in, nestled in a magical garden and illuminated by unforgettable sunsets, the Zinnibiri à la carte restaurant and grill is outdoors, and offers its take on the best traditional Sardinian meat and fish dishes, embellished with local spices and scents carried by the wind. The restaurant will be closed for the 2021 season.

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a few steps from the sea, offers extraordinary menus prepared with love by our chefs and complemented with great discernment by our Maitre Sommelier, who in his wisdom may remind you that the sensory keynote to every journey at Asumari is invariably the sweet breath of the sea.


overlooks the pool and is the stage for daily compositions of breakfast and brunch buffets that will make you succumb to the very Italian ‘imbarazzo della scelta’ - the embarrassment of choice – with an array of sweet and savoury delicacies in a feat of flavours and fragrances through which to experience new tastes every day.

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